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Heeeyyyy Guys! :D

As you all know, we just had our first FanArt forum competition with the topic "If I was the owner of GGN.." and we have finally decided on a winner!

It was really hard since all the entries were creative, beautiful and fun! But unfortunately we couldn't choose all of them :( We did decide to choose one winner for Renders and one winner for Drawings even though there weren't a ton of entries :) It seemed fair to judge the entries based on the two categories. That means that we will have 2 Guru's Of The Month this month :D

And the 2 winners are... (Drumroll please...)


@Darth with his amazing render ^^

If I was the Owner of GuruGamers Network...


and @Strat with his very creative approach xD this is totally the type of thing that I would do!...
by CircularChicken at 6:54 PM
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Hello there!

We've had quite a few suggestions for a way to chat before the server launches. So, with that in mind, we decided to create an IRC channel. IRC is an online chat protocol. Don't worry if you've not heard of it before, this post will explain how to connect!

IRC server:
IRC channel: #GuruGamers

If you already have an IRC client, you're sorted, and you probably know what you're doing already. If not, that's fine. The easiest way to connect is by going to and putting your username in, then putting #GuruGamers in the box that says "channels". Then, you should automatically join the channel and see the chat.

There should be staff on at all times, and we think you'll be nice to each other, but if anything against the rules happens, please take screenshots and report appropriately! The main server rules do apply there.

Please don't hesitate to say if you have any questions :)
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You may have noticed that some people on the forums have a green "Verified IGN: true" under their avatar when they post. This is because they have linked their forum and their minecraft accounts.

Step 1

Go to and you should see something a bit like the following:

Copy that command.

Step 2

Log into and paste the command. You should get the following message:
If you get another message, please post a bug report here, or alert me via PM.

Step 3

That's it, you're done. Now, if you go back to you'll see something like this:

Under your name next to your posts, you'll see something like the following:
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Hey there awesome fellow Gurus :p

Closing date extended!

Today I have an exciting event for you! We are looking for The GuruGamers story :p

We want YOU to write the 'history' of GuruGamers i.e. where you believe it all started (not the actual story, a fictional story). The winning story will be featured in the welcome book, on the home page AND we will be making a Machinima Minecraft Video (Minecraft animation) of the story. The author of this story will also be featured in the Video just as an extra thanks :D

So, get your creative thinking hats on and start writing! Please post your story at the bottom of this thread. You have a month and a bit to write it! The closing date is the 20th of January (ample time for you to write an awesome story).

Only one entry per person is allowed :) So once you've posted your story, you can't post a new one. You are more than welcome to edit the first...
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Many spoilers released already!
In order to get you guys even more excited, I've decided I'm going to release a spoiler each week - maybe sometimes more than once! For the first week, we'll start off with something boring and get more interesting as we go along. There may also be occasional spoilers on our Twitter: @GuruGamersNet.