by DeviousLiz at 6:28 PM
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Hello my fellow Gurus :D

I hope you are all doing awesome today! I have some exciting news..

The title says it all.. We'll be having monthly forum competitions. Every month there will be a different topic and a different way you will be able to show your talent ^^ We want to keep the general theme as FanArt (Minecraft related) but we might have a totally random theme some months!

With each topic you will also be limited to the way you can express your FanArt since it's hard to judge an awesome render against a great poem.

The winner of these monthly competitions will have their art featured on the home page and will get a nifty little tag for the month ^^ It will reflect as GOTM (Guru Of The Month) and you'll have it until we chose a new winner for the new month! Pretty cool huh :p

Soooooo let's get to the first one then :D

The first topic is:

"If I was the...
by CircularChicken at 6:34 PM
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You may have noticed that some people on the forums have a green "Verified IGN: true" under their avatar when they post. This is because they have linked their forum and their minecraft accounts.

Step 1

Go to and you should see something a bit like the following:

Copy that command.

Step 2

Log into and paste the command. You should get the following message:
If you get another message, please post a bug report here, or alert me via PM.

Step 3

That's it, you're done. Now, if you go back to you'll see something like this:

Under your name next to your posts, you'll see something like the following:
by DeviousLiz at 12:43 PM
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Hey there awesome fellow Gurus :p

Today I have an exciting event for you! We are looking for The GuruGamers story :p

We want YOU to write the 'history' of GuruGamers i.e. where you believe it all started (not the actual story, a fictional story). The winning story will be featured in the welcome book, on the home page AND we will be making a Machinima Minecraft Video (Minecraft animation) of the story. The author of this story will also be featured in the Video just as an extra thanks :D

So, get your creative thinking hats on and start writing! Please post your story at the bottom of this thread. You have a month and a bit to write it! The closing date is the 10th of January (ample time for you to write an awesome story).

Only one entry per person is allowed :) So once you've posted your story, you can't post a new one. You are more than welcome to edit the first story though but then let us know that you...
by GuruGamers at 6:26 PM
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Two spoilers released already!
In order to get you guys even more excited, I've decided I'm going to release a spoiler each week - maybe sometimes more than once! For the first week, we'll start off with something boring and get more interesting as we go along. There may also be occasional spoilers on our Twitter: @GuruGamersNet.


by CircularChicken at 3:25 PM
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This Halloween, we're incredibly pleased to welcome you to the GuruGamers Network Forums. Although the server itself isn't quite ready yet, we hope releasing the forums will allow you all a nice way to get to know eachother, and will allow us to more easily organise the beta testing, which we're aiming to launch very soon, for our 2 unique minigames, as well as our donator perks which we plan to have ready by launch!

We've got a great staff team behind us. GuruGamers manages the server and the forums, dealing with coordination, funding, advertising, promotion and more. We're also incredibly pleased to have DeviousLiz onboard at launch, as our staff manager.

We've got various Helpers around, to give guidance and to help with rule enforcement. Currently, these are hgcraft_, SirHuntPredator and VzuaL. These, along with our Build Team, will help make our server a fantastic experience!

Have a pleasant and safe...