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Firstly, this is a slightly older changelog than the friends changelog, although I've been finalising various aspects over the past few weeks.

Stability Fixes

There was a bug causing the communication between servers in our different regions to become interrupted, and fail to re-establish. We've altered how this communication protocol deals with failure, so that it shouldn't happen in future, and we're going to keep monitoring and improving here.

It's party time!

You're probably familiar with parties from other games and servers, but if not, they have a few features that make it really simple to talk to, and play alongside, your friends:
  • Party chat
    • Cross server chat seen by everyone in the party
  • Party queue
    • The party leader can queue the entire party for one place

To create a party, you simply run /party invite...
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What could be more fun than playing with your friends? It is one of the most fundamental parts of a fun server, hence why we've been working hard to get friends just right ;)

Adding friends


Adding friends is easy. You just do /friend add [username]. The other user will then get a message (as shown above), and they can click to deal with it. If you send a request to someone while they're offline, you'll get a message similar to the image below. Then, when they log on, they'll be prompted to accept or deny any requests they got while offline.


It's easy to accept, no commands are needed to be typed, you can just click. The friend requests are then removed after you log off, so the next time you log on, you don't get spammed.


/friend list
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In order to correlate with Mojang's recently released Minecraft Name Changing feature, we have released a tool which you can use to change your forum username too! Since we (the Admin team) were getting a lot of requests to change people's names (which we don't mind doing!), we thought it'd be easier to allow you guys to request a change yourself; especially since we would've got a lot more of these requests in the future.

How the process works:
First, navigate to
You can get here from any page by hovering over your name in the user bar, pressing "Personal Details" and then selecting "Change username" on the left navigation bar. You will see a screen like this:


Simply fill in this form with your existing password, the username you wish to change to and a note to Moderators. Please include why you wish to change your name in this note. For example "This will match my...
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Now that we're nearer to beta, I thought it'd be nice to give more regular updates on the development work, so we're introducing regular change-logs, to let you know what's going on.

Queues to join games

This week, I've been rewriting the queue system! Depending upon what server you've come from, you might not be familiar with this sort of system, but it's pretty simple:
  • You select the game mode, map, and region that you want to play in.
  • The queue automatically takes you to a server when there are enough people.


Above are some examples of the join signs. You simply right click these to join. If you're in a party, your party leader will click, which queues the entire party.

The queues work across our servers in different regions, so your friends from other continents can still easily join the same queues as you.

When you join, you get a little message to let you know. This...
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Hello there awesome people :happy:

Some of you might have noticed a new tab on the forums today (for users with verified usernames).


That's right! It's your in game stats, shown on your profile. It should keep up to date automatically.

You'll probably notice we've not used the full names of the games. That's because we don't want to spoil the surprise yet!

Also, coming very soon will be the ability to include this data in your posts with BBCode. That means you will be able have a signature that automatically updates to show your number of wins!

If you've got any questions or concerns, please let me know!