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by Electric_Hamster at 10:00 PM
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So after a long and treacherous day of fixing bugs and then accidentally installing even more, our forums are finally here!

Visit the forums: http://void.gg

To register, simply connect to void.gg with your Minecraft client, and follow the instructions in chat. If for whatever reason your registration doesn't go through, please let us know via the contact details shown in chat, or by PMing me here, and I'll try and fix it. We only got registration properly working earlier today, so fingers crossed everything works. The registration server also has chat enabled if anyone is absolutely desperate to chat within Minecraft. :p

Stuff is likely to still be changing on the forums since they're still very much a work in progress, but we wanted to give everyone access as quickly as possible to help ease the transition. :) We'll try and tweet out any downtimes - our twitter is...
by GuruGamers at 9:00 PM
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Hey there!

I've been keeping an album of memories that mean a lot to me recently and I thought now would be a great time to share them. It includes times from when I was a Mod on that other server and some of my records in games as well as showing the GuruGamers Network growth and some never before seen screenshots from inside the server! Now you get a bigger insight into what we had planned and hopefully a further understanding of why it took us so long; as well as why it was so difficult to sell to The Void.

The album can be viewed here: http://guru.yt/img with the images at the top being the newest and bottom being the oldest. I like to browse from bottom to top personally :)

Enjoy and I hope to see you on The Void soon!
by GuruGamers at 9:36 PM
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As you'll all be aware, the server is due to be opening before July 1st. Unfortunately, due to a few issues, this won't be happening anymore; but please read the full post before making a “hah, I knew it!” comment or something similar. In fact, something much bigger is happening. Let me first explain:

About this time last year, I had the idea of creating a server for TeamGuru members to play around on and get better at TNT Run and Quake, as they were our most common games. In the middle of developing this, we had the idea of changing it into a completely new, unique minigame server with different games to the others. It started off rough with a small developer who didn't really know what they were doing. When I found out that Thomas was a great developer, I knew I had to hire him for GGN!

Unfortunately, because of restrictions with time (since Thomas is a full time student and I have a full time job) and money, this has taken a lot longer than I would've hoped for. When I first...
by SirHuntPredator at 8:30 PM
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Hello everyone!

We've reached the end of our sixth forum competition! This competition was based on making an original build of the GGN logo! All entries were nice and well made, further than that we really had a great time watching the builds you guys made!
But let's get to the point of this thread, the winner of the sixth forum competition is!!

@2zqa his entry was:
Your entry was original and it looks pretty nice, the best (In our opinion) that had entered and for that we will reward you with an invisible guru of the month rank, due to you being a staffmember so unfortunately there won't be a GOTM for this month!

2zqa's entry was:

Well done everyone, and thanks for submitting an entry, The new competition will go up tomorrow and I hope you guys will love it!

EDIT: New competition has been moved forward to set priority to a bigger event,...
by CircularChicken at 8:00 PM
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Hey there everyone :)

We've decided to announce some dates and games for BETA, as we've been working to these deadlines for a while, and we know some of you might have given up hope that we're ever launching!

The dates are not as close as we'd have liked, and we know some people will be disappointed, but we'd rather launch later with better games and features, and at a time where we're all free to offer support and play with people who are online.

We expect to have beta launched before 1st July. We're aiming to go public during late August or early September.

However, we thought that to compensate for this delay, we'd give you some details and screenshots of the games.

The primary game we've got is Runnr. This game involves running through a randomly generated course, fighting against 1 other player at regular intervals, until only 1...