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Aaaaannnndddd IT'S HERE!

Our very first team speak event! ^^

Due to A LOT of interest, we will be having a trivia night THIS WEEKEND!

The trivia night will be hosted on Teamspeak. For now I only have one planned (on Saturday at 6 PM UTC) since I think most should be able to make it regardless of time zone ^^

Our Teamspeak address is:

You guys can use WorldTimeBuddy to convert UTC (or any other time) into your timezone :) It's really simple: (thanks @GuruGamers lol)[​IMG]

The questions will be selected by myself to avoid anyone having any kind of advantage in the Trivia :) @SirHuntPredator will be a co-host and for that reason he will not be allowed to participate in the event.

The questions will based on a broad...
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Hello all :)

Happy Easter :D

We're carrying out some updates today to consolidate our servers and make rolling out updates much easier. The verify IGN server will be down until 9PM GMT tomorrow, approximately.

Sorry for any inconvenience.
by SirHuntPredator at 1:58 PM
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April forum competition & April fools day! :eek:

Hey everyone, ^^

So if you didn't hear it already I am now in charge of all the events. Liz will still be part of it however I'll be leading the Event team.

So this month its competition is about jokes because April is known for April 1st so it seemed fun to build something around that. All the rules & info can be found down below. Further than that Liz, Adam, Thomas and I will be picking the winner on the 29th of April at 8 PM GMT which means you can submit your entry until the 28th of April 11:59 PM! ^^

How it will work:
- You need to make up an original joke.

The method of judging goes as following:
- You will be judged for Creativity,...
by SirHuntPredator at 7:24 PM
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Hello Everyone!!!

We've reached the end of our fourth forum competition! This competition was about writing a song/parody about GGN! All the entries were great, however we only received 3 Entries which is really unfortunate. It was hard for us to pick the winner for this month but we've chosen.

*Drumroll* And the winner issss....!

@AJ <3 !, Congratulations!!
We really liked your entry. It was really original and it was really well written! Well done!

AJ's entry can be found HERE!

Well done everyone, and thanks for submitting an entry, Tomorrow the new competition will be posted and I hope you'll all love it!!!
by CircularChicken at 6:41 PM
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Hello awesome people ^^

It's time for the next forum competition :) I'm really excited about this one, because it should be accessible to all of you, and there's a also a lot of room to come up with interesting and entertaining ideas :D

The below will be posted on each and every monthly FanArt competition due to the fact that some people have never seen them before, so just bear with me! :p

For those of you that are not sure what these monthly competitions are:

We'll be having monthly forum competitions. Every month there will be a different topic and a different way you will be able to show your talent ^^ We want to keep the general theme as FanArt (Minecraft related) but we might have a totally random theme some months!

With each topic you will also be limited to the way you can express your FanArt since it's hard to judge an awesome render against a great poem.

The winner of these monthly competitions will have...