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Hey there everyone :)

We've decided to announce some dates and games for BETA, as we've been working to these deadlines for a while, and we know some of you might have given up hope that we're ever launching!

The dates are not as close as we'd have liked, and we know some people will be disappointed, but we'd rather launch later with better games and features, and at a time where we're all free to offer support and play with people who are online.

We expect to have beta launched before 1st July. We're aiming to go public during late August or early September.

However, we thought that to compensate for this delay, we'd give you some details and screenshots of the games.

The primary game we've got is Runnr. This game involves running through a randomly generated course, fighting against 1 other player at regular intervals, until only 1...
by SirHuntPredator at 5:52 PM
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May forum competition!

Hey everyone,

So this is my 2nd event and it was a hard time this round due to a lack of ideas I had for the May competiton, but here we are, as always, on time.

So this month its competition is about building, and not just an usual build,
A GuruGamers network logo! :O
All the rules & info can be found below and you can submit your entry untill:

Closing date: 30th of May 11:59 PM GMT
Winner reveal date: 31th of May!

How it will work:
- You need to build a GuruGamers logo which is suitable with the server and is detailed!

The method of judging goes as following:
- You will be judged for the style of building.
- You will be judged for how detailed your build is.
- You will be judged for your creativity!

What's so special about this competition:
- The winner will receive the Guru of...
by SirHuntPredator at 6:50 PM
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Hello everyone!

We've reached the end of our fifth forum competition! This competition was based on making an original joke and possibily even adding an illustration to it! All entries were nice and only 1 was counted as disqualified, further than that we really had a great time reading through the few but funny jokes!
But let's get to the point of this thread, the winner of the fifth forum competition is!!

@jerebov !
Your entry was funny and it's even minecraft related, unfortunately no illustration but yours was still the funniest one (In our opinion) that had entered and for that we will reward you with the Guru of the Month forum rank!

Jerebov's entries were:
Why does Guru have an axe with him?
So he can cut the videos!

2 people walk into a bar!
They fall.
(Its an iron bar)

Well done everyone, and thanks for submitting an entry, The new competition will go up in 2 days and I hope you guys will love it!
by DeviousLiz at 6:41 PM
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Aaaaannnndddd IT'S HERE!

Our very first team speak event! ^^

Due to A LOT of interest, we will be having a trivia night THIS WEEKEND!

The trivia night will be hosted on Teamspeak. For now I only have one planned (on Saturday at 6 PM UTC) since I think most should be able to make it regardless of time zone ^^

Our Teamspeak address is:

You guys can use WorldTimeBuddy to convert UTC (or any other time) into your timezone :) It's really simple: (thanks @GuruGamers lol)[​IMG]

The questions will be selected by myself to avoid anyone having any kind of advantage in the Trivia :) @SirHuntPredator will be a co-host and for that reason he will not be allowed to participate in the event.

The questions will based on a broad...
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Hello all :)

Happy Easter :D

We're carrying out some updates today to consolidate our servers and make rolling out updates much easier. The verify IGN server will be down until 9PM GMT tomorrow, approximately.

Sorry for any inconvenience.